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      The Wireflow 3D lamps are a system of hanging lamp fittings. The Wireflow 3D lamp is a reinterpretation and reinvention of the classic chandelier fitting. The supporting structure for the Wireflow 3D light fitting is constructed using black electrical cable and 3 Watt LED light sources, the lamp is characterised…

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      The Wireflow Chandelier light fittings reinterprets and updates the traditional suspended lighting fixture through an exercise of simplification, bestowing a delicate and marked conceptual character to an ethereal lighting fixture. The Wireflow Chandelier lamps are constructed from black electrical cable and a series of 3 Watt LED terminals. Please note:…

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      NOTE: Please leave the number of hooks and the length of the wires.

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      The 2D Wireflow light fitting is characterised principally by its black electrical cable supported by a structure of lacquered metal rods with 3W LED light sources. The black electrical cable combined with the metal rod structure that defines the Wireflow collection traces pure minimalist forms in two dimensions that create…